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Erasmus+ Student Mobility for PlacementsSMT (Student Mobility Traineeships)

Students of the FH Upper Austria completing a mandatory or voluntary internship in an European country can receive an Erasmus+ scholarship. Each student can spend a maximum of 12 months abroad during each study cycle (=Bachelor's, Master's degree programme, Ph.D.) to complete an internship abroad (SMT).

It is also possible to complete a subsidised  internship in the first year after graduation, as long as the application was submitted during the course of studies. The graduate must not be enrolled at any university during such an internship. Internships of graduates will be counted to the cycle in which the choice for the stay is made or after which the internship takes place.

Erasmus+ Internship at a Glance

How long? 
2 - 12 months. The minimum length of 2 months applies to exact dates (e.g. 12.04. - 11.06.)

In any company willing to sign the "Learning Agreement for Traineeships" within the 28 EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Macedonia and Turkey. Switzerland unfortunately is no Erasmus+ participant any more. Financial support will in some cases be granted by national Swiss means if the internship is done at a Swiss university.

480 - 580 euros per month, depending on host country. For exact scholarships figures for specific countries please click here. For students with special needs there are special allowances

Information & Application through the International Office on campus.


  • Submission of application to international office
  • International office confirms viability of internship and nominates student in Erasmus+ data bank
  • Upon receipt of registration code (per mail), students register with the data bank
  • Erasmus+ authority verifies nomination data and sends out confirmation email
  • Prior to start of internship the agreement is signed electronically in the data bank or a printed copy is signed by hand by both parties and sent to Erasmus+ office ("Erasmus-Referat").
  • 80% of EU funds and the first instalment of national funds are paid out. National funds are then paid out monthly in instalments.

Documents Required for Application:

Erasmus+ Application for SMT
Deadline: 4 weeks before the start of the internship

Learning Agreement for Traineeships
Deadline: 2 weeks before the nomination date before the internship starts. Nomination dates: 1st and 15th of every month (Example: Internship starts on 1.8. - Learning Agreement must be submitted to International Office by 30.6.)
Please note that you have to collect all signatures (company, student and internship supervisor at FH) before handing the Learning Agreement in!

Additional Requirements

Students must have health, accident and liability insurance for the duration of their stay abroad as well as a bank account in Austria.

Online Linguistic SupportOLS

Students whose main language of studies or work will be other than their native language have to complete one online-language test (assessment) before and one after the mobility. Additional online-language-courses are available for interested students. At the moment the OLS-assessments are available in all 24 official languages of the EU and online-language-courses in 22 languages. For German, English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish all levels (A1-C1) are available. Portugese-courses are available up to B2-level. Czech-courses are available up to A2. For the languages Bulgarian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Slovak, Slovenian and Hungarian A1-course is available. The offer of language-courses is adapted constantly.

Further information on OLS Assessment and an OLS instruction handout can be found here or visit https://erasmusplusols.eu/en/


In the event of an extension of the student internship the student applies for extension at least 4 weeks prior to the original termination date. This application as well as the extension of the training agreement must be signed both by the employer and the head of studies and submitted to the International Office.

Deadline: at the latest 4 weeks ahead of orginal date of termination

Upon Completion

  • Send original confirmation of stay to Erasmus+ authority in Linz (within 4 weeks); submit copy to the International Office
  • Completion of student report in the Erasmus+ data bank within 4 weeks
  • Only then will the remaining 20% of EU funds and the last instalment of national funds be paid out
  • The student internship has to be confirmed by means of a traineeship certificate (last part of the Learning Agreement for Traineeships), which is supposed to be in concordance with the "Training Agreement". A copy must be submitted to the International Office
  • The internship must be credited towards the degree programme within 2 months

For Completion:

Confirmation of Stay

Learning Agreement for Traineeships (EN) - fill in last part

Detailed information is available from the website of the Austrian National Agency as well as the International Office on campus:

for Outgoings from Hagenberg
for Outgoings from Linz
for Outgoings from Steyr
for Outgoings from Wels via Moodle-course Studying & Intership abroad - General Information


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