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International Foundation ProgrammePathway to Studies in Upper Austria

A Route into an Austrian Degree


You want to apply for a study programme in Engineering or Business at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria but still miss pre-requisites to study?


We have the perfect solution for you! The International Foundation Programme offers you a focused and tailored preparation for your application to study at the FH Upper Austria.

The main target group are students who wish to study the English-taught Bachelor's programmes in Electrical Engineering or Global Sales and Marketing.

Perfect for students who…

  • are looking for a preparation programme taught in English
  • miss sufficient credits in Mathematics, Physics and English to be enrolled in a study programme
  • wish to fresh up Mathematics, Physics and English prior to entering a study programme
  • do not meet entry requirements for studying in Austria
  • wish to brush up their language skills and technical terminology
  • want to learn or improve German

After completion of the programme, you are well-prepared for commencing your studies at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Please note: you will not be automatically accepted but need to apply again for the programme of your choice.


Mathematics - 8 semester hours per week (8 SWS)

  • Sets of numbers; equations and inequations; linear algebra and geometry; trigonometry and trigonometric functions; complex numbers
  • Sequences and series; basic concepts of differential calculus and integral calculus; linear algebra (particularly vectors) and   geometry; algebraic structures; introduction to probability calculations, statistics

Physics - 4 semester hours per week (4 SWS)

  • Units, Basics of Mechanics: Kinematics, Dynamics, Work and Energy, Statics, Torque
  • Thermodynamics, Heat and Energy, Ideal Gas, Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, Oscillations and Waves

English 2 semester hours per week (2 SWS)

  • Morphology and syntax, oral and written expression of technical issues (with and without use of a dictionary), verbal skills (describe, explain, and present technical issues), writing skills (translate, summarize, prepare papers, ...)

German as a Foreign Language - 2 to 4 semester hours per week (2-4 SWS)

  • Participation in the A1/A2/B1/B2 (depending on level of skills) language courses

Additional modules - 1 semester hour per week (1st semester)

  • Intercultural and social competences

Essential Information

Duration of Studies

  • 2 semesters  
    • 1-semester - end of September - beginning of February
    • 2-semester - end of February - beginning of July


  • programme fee: EUR 3600/year

Please note: accommodation, travel and living cost to/in Austria are not included in this tuition fee.

Entry Requirements

  • A-Level / High School Diploma or equivalent
    (If the Austrian Higher Education Entrance Qualification is not yet met, the required level can be acquired within the International Foundation Programme. In general, A-level is required, but in some cases excellent performance in AS-level and GCSE-level courses might qualify as well)
  • good English language skills
    English Language Certificate B2 if available (IELTS, Toefl,...)


  • Please apply online
  • Application deadline:
    • April 30 (for non-EU citizens)
  • Required documents:
    • School-leaving Certificate *
    • Certificates from the highest educational level (diplomas, transcript,...)*
    • Photocopy of your passport
    • Motivation letter
    • CV
    • good knowledge in English Language B2  (Certificates like Ielts, Toefl,Cambridge,... if available)
    • optional: German Language Certificates (ÖSD, Göthe,...)
    * Foreign documents have to show the necessary legalisation and must be translated to German or English. Find all legalisation instructions here.
  • Application procedure:
    • online application
    • formal check of prerequisites
    • compulsory skype interview

If you want to get to know the International Foundation Programme in more detail, please check out the recording of our latest info talk.


Head of Studies: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Stefan Sunzenauer
Administrative Assistant: Magdalena Gufler, B.Ed.
International Foundation Programme
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
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4600 Wels, AUSTRIA
Phone: +43 5 0804-43134
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