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Agriculture - Biotechnology - Environment - Food - Management - Nutrition 

Global challenges such as climate change, sustainability, circular economy, waste management, soil erosion and industrial pollution require solutions that can only be tackled with thorough knowledge in science and engineering.

In our internationally-accessible degree programmes

you will become part of the solution – all this in just 4 years with employment opportunities in Europe and beyond.

Your Benefits

  • European degree, internationally recognized
  • Language proficiency in English and German
  • Practical experience and internships
  • Access to the European labour market
  • Live and study in an international environment

Study in the heart of Europe

Enter the European Job Market

The opportunity for non-German speaking students to obtain a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria begins in the first year with the International Foundation Programme that builds a solid natural science foundation. No German language knowledge? No problem!
A thorough two year German course package will prepare you for your entry into the study programmes.

In your studies, you will not only cover cutting-edge topics in your relevant field of study, but you will also gain experiences and build a network of international experts – all things that smoothen your transition into a meaningful job.

Study programmes

How to join


If you would like to participate in the International Foundation Programme, please apply online.

Application procedure:

  1. Online application
  2. Formal check of prerequisites
  3. Online admission interview

Admission Requirements

  • Good English language skills (at least B2)
  • For admission into the 2nd year, without International Foundation Programme: A-Levels or other school leaving
    certificates equivalent to the Austrian Matura and German level A2 or higher.
  • For admission into 4 year track, including International Foundation Programme: School leaving certificates
    from high schools, where direct admission to Austrian Universities is not granted.


Our university is publicly funded. Only a contribution to our running costs is collected from students: EUR 3.888,- for the first year.
EUR 726,- for every additional semester (reduced by 50% for EU citizens)

    Wels just right for your Studies

    Austria (not Australia!), the country of Mozart, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the “Sound of Music”; skiing nation and home to the famous Sacher chocolate cake. But also a central European hub, a geographical, economic and cultural bridge between East and West in Europe! A small but dynamic country with a thriving economy acts as the innovation and technology leader in many areas. An attractive region seeking engineering talent. Your education destination and the starting point of your career!

    There are many things we could tell you about Wels, such as its central location, the great infrastructure, the good job opportunities in Upper Austria and the economic strength of the region. Wels has a notable size (for Austria ;)) which means that you’ll find everything you need here, without the city being too big and overwhelming.

    But you can easily find out this information yourself. We would like to give you a few insider tips about what we and especially our students can experience every day in Wels and at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Wels Campus.

    Some impressions from the city of Wels

    Map of Austria and Europe

    You need more information? Don't hesitate to contact us:

    University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
    International Foundation Programme
    Stelzhamerstrasse 23, 4600 Wels/Austria
    Phone: +43 5 0804 43134


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