Campus LinzMedizintechnik & Angewandte Sozialwissenschaften

New Technologies and Innovations for Medicine

The Master’s degree programme Medical Engineering is an extension and a deepening of the Bachelor’s degree programme Medical Engineering. It enables its students to acquire profound knowledge of Medical Engineering that is primarily focused on medical device and rehabilitation technology and oriented towards the practical needs of the profession. Students focus on 3 out of 4 areas of choice (electronics, biomechanics, medical device software, materials technology). These are enhanced by the obligatory module ’Medical Technology: Selected Subjects‘ and the module ’Medical Systems Engineering and Project‘.

Academic education is enhanced by a project work and a Master’s thesis, both of which require students to apply their knowledge and skills in a new environment. As part of the final examination, students have to present their conclusions underpinned by theoretical knowledge and their own rationale. Graduates are qualified as engineers with the ability to develop medical and rehabilitation devices within the regulatory framework of European markets and the ability to consider FDA regulations.