Linz CampusMedical Engineering & Applied Social Sciences

Entrance Requirements

Graduates of technical-scientific bachelor’s degree programmes in engineering with 180 ECTS points or more are entitled to apply. Applicants should prove at least 120 ECTS points in engineering courses of medical engineering/medical device technology.

Graduates with degrees in other areas than Medical Engineering have to acquire additional credit hours* in Medical Engineering:
> Bachelor mechatronics: up to 15 ECTS
> Bachelor automation or physics: up to 30 ECTS
> Bachelor computer science: up to 45 ECTS

To obtain these additional credits the student has to
> acquire knowledge by guided self-study
> write papers/thesis on given topics
> take oral or written examinations

Students will be informed about the extent and content of the compensatory requirements at the beginning of studies.
Compensatory work can be done alongside your studies and has to be finished by the end of the second semester.

* 1 ECTS credit = 25 hours workload
The basic allocation of academic credits in ECTS is 60 credits for a full year of study; 30 credits per semester.