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Master thesis


This document contains all the guidelines for submission and restricted access of the Master's thesis.
The following is especially important for the library:

  • hardcover binding: bookbinder’s adhesive binding (adhesive on rounded body), with headband (see illustration)
  • material: buckram or artificial woven leather
  • colour: dark blue or black
  • embossing with gold or aluminium foil:

- name on the spine at the top,

- Master's thesis on the front board (NOT "Diploma Thesis")


Spiralisation, adhesive binding with hinge strips or rail, foil as a cover or similar types of binding are not allowed and will not be accepted.

Please note that your master thesis will not be accepted if it does not meet the above criteria!

Title page

It is especially important for the library that the title page of your master's thesis is written in the correct way!

Below you will find a title page template in German and in English for each study programme.
Please note that the English version of the title page is only used for a master's thesis, which are also written in English!

IMPORTANT: At the University of applied sciences wels campus, there is no longer a diploma course, which means that without exception, every student writing a thesis either writes a bachelor thesis or a master's thesis, but never a Diploma thesis! This also applies to the master's programs that conclude with a Dipl. Ing. Title! Furthermore, it is important that the correct title of the degree programme appears on the title page.

Please note that your master thesis will not be accepted if the title page is not written in the correct way!

Restricted Access

On page 4 of this document you will find the application form for restricted access of a Master's thesis.

If restricted access to a Master's thesis is required an appropriate application for up to five years (see application form) must be submitted. The application must be justified in detail. The respective supervisor must submit an opinion about it. The Head of Studies is responsible for the decision.


Restricted access theses must neither be freely accessible in the library nor borrowed directly or by inter-library loan. Library copies are kept locked away in a suitable separate room until the period of restricted access is over. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that any copies they have are secure and cannot be seen by others. The supervisor can also give their specimen copies to the library for safe-keeping and receive them back at the end of the restricted access period.


In specific cases in which essential legal or economic interests of the student or of the partner firm are jeopardised, restricted access to the Master's thesis can be extended for a further period of up to 5 years. In this case the student must make an appropriate application to the respective Head of Studies before the end of the first 5-year embargo period


The universities of applied sciences as public educational and research institutions are called upon to publish their services in the context of the competition with competitors. The award of research funding can depend upon the number and quality of the university’s activities, of which Master's theses is one. For this reason access to Master's theses is very important in order to demonstrate the quality of our academic work. Therefore the respective Head of Studies may ask for a version of a restricted thesis which does not contain any confidential material. This Master's thesis is also to be bound and kept in the library freely available for perusal by anyone.

It is also possible to present critical text sections, illustrations or numerical data separately in an appendix to which access is then restricted.


The responsible Head of Studies approves restricted access having received the additional Master's thesis.