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Communication and Knowledge Transfer through New Media

The Internet in all its facets offers a variety of possibilities and opportunities, be it in terms of communication, collaboration, network or further education – independent of time and location. As a marketplace for information, innovation, services, and products, the Internet has become an integral part of modern economies and societies. Consequently, and in view of ever-growing digitalisation efforts, we are facing numerous apps, platforms and social networks, with new ones emerging every day.

To stay successful in an increasingly digital future, companies and organisations have to meet these new challenges. Therefore, they depend on experts, who are not only proficient in technology, but master skills that go way beyond technical expertise. Such experts are able to understand and actively shape communication, learning and working processes.

Graduates from this study programme are characterised by exactly these qualifications. Their training consists of competences from both social and computer sciences – a unique combination complemented by generic skills such as communication, cooperation, problem solving, project management, and design thinking. This set of abilities enables them to approach new media holistically and promote communication and knowledge transfer within the digital world.

Note for applicants: The main language of instruction is German, although some classes may be held in English.

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