FH OberösterreichUniversity of Applied Sciences Upper Austria


Mathematics - 8 semester hours per week (8 SWS)

  • Sets of numbers; equations and inequations; linear algebra and geometry; trigonometry and trigonometric functions; complex numbers
  • Sequences and series; basic concepts of differential calculus and integral calculus; linear algebra (particularly vectors) and   geometry; algebraic structures; introduction to probability calculations, statistics

Physics - 4 semester hours per week (4 SWS)

  • Units, Basics of Mechanics: Kinematics, Dynamics, Work and Energy, Statics, Torque
  • Thermodynamics, Heat and Energy, Ideal Gas, Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, Oscillations and Waves

English 2 semester hours per week (2 SWS)

  • Morphology and syntax, oral and written expression of technical issues (with and without use of a dictionary), verbal skills (describe, explain, and present technical issues), writing skills (translate, summarize, prepare papers, ...)

German as a Foreign Language - 2 to 4 semester hours per week (2-4 SWS)

  • Participation in the A1/A2/B1/B2 (depending on level of skills) language courses

Additional modules - 1 semester hour per week (1st semester)

  • Intercultural and social competences

Business English & Presentation Skills

  • This course teaches you how to give lively and engaging presentations in an academic context. It will broaden your vocabulary of academic English and will also challenge your spontaneity during academic debates

Applied Informatics

  • Hack the planet! A route towards microcontroller programming using the Arduino-Platform. A self-paced learning course design guiding you to your own project. Instead of an exam you complete this course by presenting your final project consisting of hardware and software (both developed by yourself)