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Theoprax Expert Talk: Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) - Mastering the transition

 12:30 - 14:00
 FH OÖ Campus Wels - Audimax

The technological progress of future mobility is largely defined by software innovation. The speed with which global and Austrian companies can adapt decides their success.


Industry experts estimate that over 80% of vehicle innovations are driven by software. As a result, automakers have to adapt to the software-dominated world, but are struggling to transition to software-defined vehicles.

As a result, traditional car manufacturers are being forced to adapt their current development processes so that they can continuously evolve software and hardware development throughout the vehicle's life cycle in order to remain competitive.



  • Technological progress of future mobility is largely defined by software innovation that is challenging the traditional automotive industry
  • New players enter the market with electrified and software-defined vehicles with <3y lifecycles compared to 5+y
  • How can OEMs master the challenge
  • How modern software development is done and how it will change also the automotive world
  • legacy vs. modern software, community-based software like ROS (Robot Operating System)
  •  Apex.AI developed an automotive version of ROS which is interoperable with the legacy software (Apex.Grace / Apex.Ida)

EXPERT: Serkan Arslan - SVP Apex.AI


Serkan Arslan leads Apex.AI’s business and account development for mobility and transportation industries, working with customers, ecosystems, and partners to accelerate developing software-defined next-gen vehicles based on Apex.AI software and services. Serkan brings more than 20 years of international experience in automotive and software domains, including autonomous vehicles, infotainment & cockpit systems, connectivity, transportation, and mobility services.

Before joining Apex.AI, he held various positions with companies, including Nvidia, Daimler Group, and Delphi. He has an advanced bachelor’s degree in Transportation and Logistics from the University of Heilbronn and currently lives in Germany.

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