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Jan (25) semester abroad in South Italy

Studying Software Engineering Master / Hagenberg

I have decided to go abroad because I always wanted to spend more than just one or two weeks for vacation in another country to really experience it from a non-touristic point of view. When I heard about the opportunity to finish my Master’s program at the MSC-LES, a Modeling and Simulation-Lab at the University of Calabria, I thought: A summer semester in Southern Italy at an excellent institution? Hellyeah!

Beside the incredibly committed students here who yet handle their life in a quite relaxed, but desirable way, it is the diversity of Southern Italy what impresses me the most and of which I wasn’t aware. While in March we went snowboarding in the Sila Mountains, one month later we lay on the beach of Tropea. Additionally, some Italy clichés confirm: warm, welcoming people, a relaxed way of life, epic food and endless beaches. And of course between free time activities there’s some time to progress on my master’s thesis ;-)