Usarov Akbarjon


Hello! I am Usarov Akbarjon from Uzbekistan and currently studying Electrical Engineering at FH Wels campus.

I am a native speaker in Uzbek and Russian, fluent in English and learning German with native speakers. I have always been connected to different cultures. For example: in my class we have 22 different language speakers which makes it more interesting when we are working in a group and have a different approach of solving the tasks and achieving our goal. Living in Austria for a year I met a lot of friends from all over the world with whom I spend my time here. I never imagined I would be around so many different cultures but I know this - it feels amazing! As I am a student ambassador and I would be happy to help to a new student and share my experiences.​

Languages: Uzbek, English, Russian, German

Courses: Electrical Engineering