Surabhi Maheshwari


My name is Surabhi. I am from India. I have studies and lived in the US for about 8 years, and am here now for my Masters. I speak English and Hindi. I am also learning Portuguese and German. I would like to meet people from India and across the world. and hopefully help them a bit to know their way around here, as a buddy. I look forward to interacting with you :)

I am a bit of an introvert. I like reading, running and Yoga. I also like learning new languages. I have been learning Portuguese for the last 2 years and German for about 6 months. I live in Wels currently. I am doing my Masters in Sustainable Energy Systems.  There is a big and diverse pool of International Students at FH. You will most likely have multiple hands to help you when you get here!

Languages: Hindi, English

Courses: Sustainable Energy Systems