Seyedali Hosseini


Salutation ;)  

I'm Seyedali Hosseini from Iran, and I attend FH University in Linz to study medical engineering. Similar to this, I have 3+ years of experience in the field of medical laboratory equipment and studied biomedical engineering in Iran. I decided to apply for the MME program because it offered a wide range of programming, electronics, mechanics, and material courses, together with concentrated research and a lovely nation. Theoretical courses incorporated into practical settings at FH are an intriguing benefit that promotes a lively and upbeat environment. Additionally, Upper Austria, specifically Linz, is a truly beautiful state with breathtaking scenery that encourages weekend excursions and the enjoyment of a variety of pastimes, particularly winter sports. 

Don't hesitate to apply if you have any doubts. I would be happy to assist you with the application and visa processes. 

Yours sincerely, 

Seyedali Hosseini 

Languages: Persian, English, German

Courses: Medical Engineering