Rosemary Josy Poovattil


I am currently pursuing my masters in Energy Informatics at FH Upper Austria, Hagenberg.

On completion of this masters I want to be a part of the evolving energy market, as I believe that it is a thriving research area within the IT community. I enjoy studying at FH Upper Austria as the curriculum incorporate both theoretical and practical knowledge. Various industrial visits and lecturers from the industry keep you updated on the current markets and trends. Thus, at FH Upper Austria you get to study, experience and experiment.Austria is a country with a wide range of opportunity in the field of both IT and Energy and thus it has proven to be the best choice for me so far. I have enjoyed every moment of my 1.5 years in this beautiful country. Being in Central Europe, it is the best place for people who love to travel and explore. So, if you are an enthusiast who wish to be a part of FH Upper Austria, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to help you!

Languages: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil

Courses: Energy Informatics