Pasang Dorje Sherpa


Hello! My name is Pasang Dorje Sherpa, and I'm from Nepal, the home of the Himalayas.

I am currently enrolled in the Electrical Engineering program at FH Campus Wels. My time here has truly been a unique experience. Studying at the FH has proved as a gateway for me to focus on not just the technical and theoretical aspects of academics but also create a diverse and international network of friends and colleagues. Being situated in the centre of Europe studying at the FH has further encouraged me to follow my passion of exploring and indulging in different cultures. I would love to meet new people and share my culture while at the same time learning about yours. I would be more than happy to help you all out with settling in Austria and show you around the best spots. One of my favorite to-do things is going swimming in the Traun river in the freezing cold of winter.
I am always open and keen towards meeting new people. Feel free to reach out!

Languages: English

Courses: Electrical Engineering