Olga Popova


Hello! My name is Olga, I’m from Russia. After the graduation from the N.I.Lobachevsky State University I set myself to pursue an academic Degree abroad, so now I’m studying IPM Master Degree Program in FH Upper Austria in Wels.

My interest in studying “Innovation and Product Management” is based on the fact that modern technological developments, social trends are transforming the way companies used to develop products and deliver them to their customers. IPM Master Program at FH Upper Austria provides all the necessary knowledges to develop competence related to change-management and decision-making in unstable environments.
Besides studies, I really enjoy being a part of the student community of FH Upper Austria, because I met a lot of nice people from different parts of the world and learned a lot about cultures and languages.
In my free time I like drawing, reading and hiking.

Languages: Russian, English, German, Bulgarian

Courses: Innovation and Product Management