Mihails Stepanovs


Hey Hey Hey, everyone! My name is Mihails Stepanovs, but you may call me Misha if you want. I am from Riga, Latvia, but 7 years ago I took a chance and moved to Austria, and you know what? I looooove it! 

I went to Austria on my own, with no contact or friends here and no knowledge of German. I am now a proud alumni of Tourism College and University (Bachelor) in German who is studying a Master's degree in Global Sales Marketing at FH OÖ Steyr University. I understand how difficult it may be to go to another country without knowing the local language or having any acquaintances, which is why it will be my pleasure to assist you with any of your concerns and questions regarding moving to Austria for study, specifically to FH OÖ University. Because, as the song from High School Musical goes, "we're all in this together" (Never watched it by the way) 

  To summarize, I am an energetic, open-minded, communicative, and realistic guy. I shifted my professional path away from tourism and more towards business. I understand that it may feel unreal or tough at first, which is why I chose the option to demonstrate that it is not as dramatic as it looks. I look forward to reading your questions about the study, and remember: "Everything is possible, just try and you will see it" 

Languages: English, German, Latvian, Russian

Courses: Global Sales and Marketing Master