Kapil Rajendra Jadhav


Hello, I am Kapil from India. I have done my bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering.

During the period, I have always wanted know-how about renewable energies and sustainability. This made me to choose Master Degree "MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems." It is my first time to be in an international environment and I am learning new things besides studies. Cultural exchange is one of the key learning from this. And of course, learning about renewable energy has always been a passion for me.
It was quite up and down ride till coming here. Starting from the application process to the visa confirmation. I always want to help students who are making their first step towards the study abroad programs. So, I am always available to them via my social media network, YouTube channel and others. Please feel free to ask me.

Languages: English, German, Marathi, Hindi

Courses: Sustainable Energy Systems