FH OberösterreichUniversity of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Issa Elatrash


I am a student in FH Wels, currently studying Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, something I have been very passionate about.

I firmly believe that Electrical Engineering is the very cornerstone of our future, being one of the most valuable elements of our advancement as a species. The field offers a lot of potential for graduates in both the job market, especially here in Austria, since many big companies have high demand for electrical engineers and the innovative/creative horizons which are infinitely expanding as we lean more and more on daily bases towards clean electrical energy.I enjoy reading books specially those related to psychology, and travelling- something, which Austria provides plenty of, in terms of the extraordinarily beautiful nature, cities and near-by countries that, one can visit. If you do have any questions regarding life here in Austria as a student, or the EE program I will be more than happy to help.

Languages: Arabic, English

Courses: Electrical Engineering