Felipe Zambrano


Hi there, I am Felipe! I am from Ecuador and I am studying the Innovation and Product Management Master´s degree in FH Wels. If you are looking for information, advice, or tips regarding applying and studying in the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria or/and living in Austria don't hesitate about contact me. I will be happy to help you.

I already have a strong technical background, nevertheless I wanted to expand and improve my knowledge on new areas as management, innovation, business, and all that is related with companies and industries in real life. That is why I looked for programmes that offer these complex-interesting degree. Luckily, I found it here in Austria at the Univeristy of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Wels Campus.  I chose the Innovation and Product Management Master's and I am very happy with it and the uni. The professors are amazing, they are young, very well prepared academically and professionally , full of energy, and they do have a vocation regarding teaching and sharing their knowledge and experiences with students. My class is super nice as well and very diverse, we come from more than 9 countries all over the world and all of us are really exited about learning and living this unique and incredible experience here in FH Wels. 

I am a very active person and I enjoy training calisthenics, meeting friends and new people, cooking, dancing, playing sports, and traveling (not necessary in that order). 

I live in Wels, around 10 minutes walking from FH. Wels is a small city but it has its charm and beauty and I like it so far. Nevertheless, there is Linz, that is a bigger city 15 minutes far by train from Wels, and almost the half of my classmates live there already. In Austria the train systems are remarkable, so it is really easy to go from one city to another one in short times. 

Languages: Spanish, English

Courses: Innovation and Product Management