Dnyandeep Mandaokar


Hello !! I am Dnyandeep but you can also call me “Deep”. I am from India. Currently enrolled in Master’s in AMM. So I would request you not to hesitate to contact me for any queries you may have regarding course, FH, city or your doubts. I will be very happy to help and assist you on your journey to FH OOE. I speak English, Hindi, and Marathi.

Currently, I am located in Linz. The commute is very easy from Linz to FH Wels. I enjoy living in Linz and also being in Wels time to time with my friends . The studies at FH Wels are very practical oriented, which I like the most. For my masters in AMM, professor are very supportive and cordial to help you with most of the queries. Moreover, the small class size with student from different countries makes it even more intriguing. Apart from studies, I like to travel, do fitness training and now after coming here I have started playing Pool (cue sports) a lot, usually at FH play room. I choose to stay in Linz, which is the 3rd biggest city of Austria. The city is very vibrant and happening. It takes 15 min from Linz to Wels via train. So If you have any doubts or questions, you can email me. I can certainly help you with information on stay, FH, documentation, city registration and others. Email me, get connected!!

Languages: Marathi, Hindi, English

Courses: Automotive Mechatronics and Management