Christoph Hartl


Hello there! I am Chris and originally from Bavaria, Germany. I am currently doing my Master’s program in Hagenberg. Feel free to contact me any time.

I moved to Austria for my Bachelor’s program in Wels in 2018. Since then, I have come to love the intricate and unique cultural differences between Germans and Austrians. After finishing my Bachelor’s program, I moved to Linz. Linz is the capital of Upper Austria and is really great. It is both not too big and not too small. If you are in search of good bread and coffee, you will always find some. I am now enrolled in Hagenberg in the Communication and Media Knowledge Master’s program. I am a huge language nerd, one of my favourite lectures was about the professional use of language. One time, we were discussing the different ways to use a dash in a sentence for more than an hour. Best lesson ever, seriously. In my spare time, I like to go for a run, take a ride on my racing bike, or read.

Languages: German, English

Courses: Communication and Knowledge Media