Brianda Laredo


Hey!! My name is Brianda, I am from Mexico! Right now, I´m enrolled in Automotive Mechatronics and Management.

After 4 years working as a Seats Sign Off engineer, I decided to study Automotive Mechatronics and Management, beside of the fact that cars are my passion, I found this master suitable to expand my knowledge about electronic systems in the vehicles therefore the management topics are relevant for me because I had the chance to relate the concepts with the activities I did in my last job. Professors are supportive so it is always possible to solve any question that we have

I can say that living in Austria is such a nice experience in my life, I have found beautiful places where I can run, workout and I love hiking in beautiful places with my friends. I´m living in Wels which is a beautiful small city, I like it a lot because I can walk to every place I want to go.

Feel free to contact me anytime, I had a good experience with the ambassadors who helped me a lot before coming here, and I want to do the same for you.

Languages: Spanish, English

Courses: Automotive Mechatronics and Management