Bence Schmuck


Hi! I am Schmuck Bence, a student of the FHOÖ since 2019, enrolled in the Electrical Engineering program. I am a very practice-oriented person, which is the reason why I chose this university, as I wanted to study at a place, where practical education is heavily embedded in the curriculum.

The university offers countless opportunities to challenge ourselves and evolve while providing a friendly and inspiring atmosphere. What makes the FH outstanding, however, is the international nature of the programs, which opens limitless possibilities for developing connections. I am located in Wels, and I can say, that it is a wonderful city to live in, as it radiates the Austrian culture and hospitality. When not studying, I like pursuing my hobbies, which are archery, woodworking, and filmmaking, just to name a few.

Please, if I can be of any assistance regarding your studies or accommodation, do not hesitate to contact me!

Languages: English, Hungarian

Courses: Electrical Engineering