Ayaz Ahmadov


My name is Ayaz Ahmadov. I come from Azerbaijan, and I am currently enrolled in the bachelors degree for Electrical Engineering program. I speak Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Turkish, so feel free to contact me in the language that’s comfortable for you.

I have been living in Wels for two years so far. It is a small and relaxing city in Upper Austria and offers beautiful architecture and nature. Despite being relatively small, it is very diverse with people from all around the world living here. It is also situated very closely to all the major cities in and outside of Austria. Besides studying I love plating football, hiking and travelling

The university offers studies in modern concepts. The study programs are very practice-oriented with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. Studying here has been a great experience for me and the knowledge it offers will be relevant  for a long period in the future.

Languages: Azerbaijani, Russian, English, Turkish

Courses: Electrical Engineering