Arianit Preniqi


My name is Arianit Preniqi and currently I am an Electrical Engineering student at FH. I speak Albanian, English and German. Thus, I would be honoured to offer help of any kind within your desired language.

Currently I have been living in Wels for two years now. It is a very calm, relaxing city with beautiful Austrian architecture and it is filled with diversity. Besides studying, I usually like travelling and my hobbies also include reading, painting, studying languages (Serbian and Turkish) and also programming languages. As my friends are from all over the globe, I am very fascinated by various cultures and always welcome new ideas. During the university lectures we always see and reflect on the new concepts with regards to the laboratories and practice and that is what makes FH special. Therefore, I can easily say that learning engineering in a big and cultural environment is a wonderful experience.

Languages: Albanian, English, German, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian

Courses: Electrical Engineering