Andreea Neamtu


“All roads lead to Steyr”

Salut! My name is Andreea and I am an energetic student from Moldova. If you need some help and assistance and you do not know how to start, you reach the right person. I am studying Global Sales and Marketing in Steyr, which offers me the possibility to be between students every time. I understand how hard it is moving alone in another country, but I am here to support you, even with small elements such as accommodation, health insurance or going shopping. As an international student at GSM I have the opportunity to be around international and local students with different styles of thinking. I am interested in cultures all around the world, countries such as Turkey, Italy, Spain, Mexico, France, Belgium, and South Korea. And this is not because I have friends from different continents, but also that I like to improve myself every day. Why I chose FHOO is still a good question that I will be happy to answer at the end of my journey here. But I hope that you are already interested in being a part of our university. Feel free to contact me anytime and do not hesitate to apply at this amazing intercultural institution.

Languages: Romanian, English, Russian

Courses: Global Sales and Marketing Bachelor