Ana Cristina Avila


Hi everyone! I am Ana Cristina, an Innovation and Product Management Master's student in FH Wels coming from Baja California, Mexico. If you need any help or tips regarding your application process, life in Austria or anything else don't hesitate to send me a message. 

I was an exchange student back in 2019 and I liked the whole concept of the University so I came back after finishing my Bachelor's degree. I love traveling, as well as getting to know new places and cultures; the international environment that FH presents is perfect for everyone to come and continue their studies. 

If you are looking to expand and apply your knowledge in design, engineering as well as business, the IPM program is a perfect fit for your career path. Don't be afraid about the german language! The English degrees and classes will be suitable while you polish your german skills with the daily practice you'll have.

I know there are a ton of questions you don't want to ask because you don't want to look naive (we all have been there) but we are here to help you! Talk to you soon!

The only question I have is if there are some kind of activities or meetings that I should know about.

Thank you so much!

Ana Cristina Avila

Languages: Spanish, English

Courses: Innovation and Product Management