FH OberösterreichUniversity of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Student Ambassadors

Anushik Purushottham

Nationality: INDIAN
Languages: Hindi, English, German
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anushik-purushottam-24398675

Currently I am enrolled in German Preparation Programme at FH Upper Austria in Linz and then will pursue a Master's degree in Innovation and Product and Management at Wels Campus. My Master's course is in English but I wanted to learn German language before the start of my Master's degree programme.

I chose FH Upper Austria as it provides wonderful practical experience and there are plenty of job opportunities available here. I love to play sports and travel. I talk a lot and hence would be glad to talk to prospective students. I am happy to answer all your questions. 

Airita Erte

Nationality: LATVIAN
Languages: Latvian, Russian, German, English
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am an exchange student from Latvia. I decided to spend 6 wonderful months in the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and my choice was right. Every day is productive, the students are open to study together - I have to say, the learning process has never been so fun. During discussions with professors, I find new ways to develop my ideas. It is great to learn from the professionals.

I enjoy spending time travelling. I love to spend time with open-minded people. If you are ready for the new adventure and studying at this university - don't hesitate - let's get in touch!

Issa Elatrash

Nationality: JORDANIAN
Languages: Arabic, English
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am a student in FH Wels, currently studying Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, something I have been very passionate about.I firmly believe that Electrical Engineering is the very cornerstone of our future, being one of the most valuable elements of our advancement as a species. The field offers a lot of potential for graduates in both the job market, especially here in Austria, since many big companies have high demand for electrical engineers and the innovative/creative horizons which are infinitely expanding as we lean more and more on daily bases towards clean electrical energy.I enjoy reading books specially those related to psychology, and travelling- something, which Austria provides plenty of, in terms of the extraordinarily beautiful nature, cities and near-by countries that, one can visit. If you do have any questions regarding life here in Austria as a student, or the EE program I will be more than happy to help.

Lykheang Cheng

Nationality: CAMBODIAN
Languages: Khmer, English, French, German
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

My name is Lykheang, I am enrolled in the International Foundation programme (IFP) at FH Upper Austria (FH OÖ) in Wels and then I will pursue a bachelor’s degree in Media technology and design at Hagenberg Campus. Our IFP is totally in English and quite oriented with a lot of practise. Students receive advice from experienced professors. Moreover, students have many advantages such as learning German language, learning from many cultures, learning about Austrian Culture in intercultural course.I strongly suggest FH Upper Austria, because here students receive the knowledge of what industries need as a technical worker and manager. In addition, there is an annual career fair; this chance lets students meet the employers in the field. I really like to share my experience in FH Upper Austria. Thus, if you have questions concerning about the programme, feel free to contact me.

Peter Sprince

Nationality: INDIAN
Languages: English, Tamil and German
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am pursuing masters in Automotive Mechatronics and Management at Wels campus. I am doing internship at BRP Rotax, as it is a part of the study program. This mix of both Industrial experience and lectures makes this course unique. The course is designed to fit the current requirements of industries. Being a part of competitions like Audi Autonomous Driving Cup challenge increases the practical exposure on the field of studies.In addition to the course, the University offers scholarship to attend competitions like European Innovation Academy, which increases the exposure of the students in International business.

Stephanie Gastelbondo C.

Nationality: COLOMBIAN
Languages: English, German, Spanish
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am Stephanie and I come from Colombia. The Global Sales and International Marketing Master at FH OÖ has given me theoretical tools and a practical approach among the Austrian and German markets. It has also shown me the different kind of businesses make this a progress area (their good practices, social commitment, commercial connections, and long-term reliable relations), as well as trained me to find solutions during the development of the economic activity of an enterprise, with a top focus in Sales and Marketing strategies.To be part of the International second-year Master students group at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, encourages me to accomplish one of my goals by coming to Austria, and it is to enhance my career by working for a sustainable, responsible and international company located in Europe, and I am highly motivated to do so. And of course, the university support us during the application process, as well as promote or provide job opportunities.

Yijun Zhang

Nationality: CHINESE
Residency status: German permanent residency (Bavaria)
Languages: German, English, Mandarin, Swedish
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 
Xing: https://www.xing.com/profile/Yijun_ZHANG3

Currently I am working as an international product manager full time with an Austrian FMCG company in Upper Austria over a year and am engaged in “Supply Chain Management” at Campus Steyr parallel to my job since Sept. 2018. Before that, I graduated in international marketing from Bavaria & South Finland and worked over 3 years in South Germany.I chose University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria due to its excellent ranking in business studies and acknowledgement by local commercial and industrial enterprises.With my living & working experience in Germany & Austria, I am glad to help you with questions around Austrian residence and labor law for NON-EU-students and graduates (NAG). 

Quang Pham

Nationality: VIETNAMESE
Languages: Vietnamese and English
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

My name is Quang, a third-semester Master student at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Steyr, majored in Global Sales & Marketing. Not in my wildest dream did I think that one day I'd be living and studying in the heart of Europe.The Global Sales & Marketing Programme not provides me insightful knowledge but also hands-on experience about effective sales and marketing strategies particularly for industrial and advanced technology sectors. Moreover, what I treasured most from the program is the international opportunities for which students are highly encouraged to do their semester exchange overseas. Here students can easily gain access to a wide network of University partners all over the world. Personally, I did my semester exchange in Wisconsin, United States and it was an unbelievable time.Within few years of work and studying in such highly international environment, I am more than willing to share some experience and facilitate you for your upcoming adventures.

Iryna Onufriienko

Nationality: UKRAINIAN
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am in the second year GSM-Master student at the School of Management in Steyr. I have studied the last semester in the USA in the framework of my MBA Double-Degree Programme. It's been the 3rd year I am integrating into the Austrian culture. So, I know how important support is when one moves to a new country. And I am here to provide the newcomers and prospective students with help and pieces of advice throughout your application process and further preparation. I like travelling, meeting new people, cultures and stepping out of the comfort zone. I practice yoga and cook a lot (as most of the international students here). If you feel like becoming a part of the Austrian student community, don't hesitate to ask me any questions. I will be happy to help!