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ResearchWhat is the Evaluation Study all about?

International exchange has been identified as an important factor for the development of professions and disciplines. There are various possibilities for transnational knowledge sharing, for instance the participation in “International University Weeks (IUWs)” or similar student exchange programs. Such programs provide an opportunity for lecturers, students and practitioners from different countries to meet.

Research regarding the impact of international student exchange programs is scarce, although some findings demonstrate that exchange programs have a sustainable impact on participants’ self-perception, beliefs about others, their intercultural competences and their whole personality development.

The main goal of the evaluation study is to examine possible changes in different domains among Social Work students participating in the IUW.

All students are invited to participate in the evaluation study at two times:
Monday, March 31, 11:30
Thursday, April 3, 12:00

The quality of the research depends on your participation.

Thank you so much for participating in the study!