FH OberösterreichUniversity of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

SocNet98 IUW2014International University Week (IUW) "Intercultural Social Work"

Linz, March 31 – April 3 2014

Why did we choose this topic?

As diversity and mobility are on the increase in countries all over Europe, social workers and social work institutions face the challenge of gearing their services towards a growing number of diverse clients with a new range of needs. As a result, social workers increasingly depend upon intercultural expertise in order to better plan and structure their helping processes.

Intercultural Social Work as a sub-field of Social Work incorporates a wide range of diversity (e.g., culture, religion, country of origin, reason for immigration, etc.) into the general social work spectrum. It injects social services with new knowledge and aims to develop intercultural competencies among social workers.

We are convinced that this particular International University Week program offers plenty of opportunities to develop your intercultural competencies and we sincerely hope that you enjoy it!