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International Foundation Programme Pathway to Studies in Upper Austria

A Route into an Austrian Degree

In order to make access to studies possible for applicants with missing prerequisites, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria offers a Foundation Programme for selected study programmes in Engineering and Business. Applicants who lack entrance requirements can acquire the necessary additional qualifications. The programme is characterised by its focused preparation, tailored for studies at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. The main target group are students who wish to study the English-taught Bachelor's programmes in Electrical Engineering or Global Sales and Marketing.

This is the Solution for Candidates, Who …

  • Yet miss sufficient credits in mathematics and/or physics to be enrolled in engineering studies
  • Yet miss sufficient credits in mathematics and/or English to be enrolled in business studies
  • Do not yet meet the entrance requirements for studying in Austria (e.g. one year of studies is missing after A-levels)
  • Wish to improve their math/physics skills prior to entering a study programme
  • Wish to study in an English taught programme, but don't yet feel fluent enough to comprehend the technical terminology in English

Students will be enrolled as external students during the time of the programme. This allows for obtaining visa and student residence permit.
After completion of the programme, you are well-prepared for commencing your studies at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Please note: you will not be automatically accepted but need to apply again for the programme of your choice.

Programme Contents


  • Sets of numbers; equations and inequations; linear algebra and geometry; trigonometry and trigonometric functions; complex numbers
  • Sequences and series; basic concepts of differential calculus and integral calculus; linear algebra (particularly vectors) and   geometry; algebraic structures; introduction to probability calculations, statistics


  • Units, Basics of Mechanics: Kinematics, Dynamics, Work and Energy, Statics, Torque
  • Thermodynamics, Heat and Energy, Ideal Gas, Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, Oscillations and Waves


  • Morphology and syntax, oral and written expression of technical issues (with and without use of a dictionary), verbal skills (describe, explain, and present technical issues), writing skills (translate, summarize, prepare papers, ...)

German Language

  • Preparation to participate in the A2/B1/B2 (depending on level of skills) language exam, provided by ÖSD (Austrian language diploma) 

Additional modules

  • Intercultural and social competencies
  • Field trips and company visits

Essential Information

Duration of Studies

  • 1 or 2 semesters, depending on level of skills and prerequisites missing (this will be evaluated during the application process) 
  • 1-semester track: mid-February until end of July
  • 2-semester track: mid-September until end of July

Tuition Fee

  • EUR 1800 (1 semester track)
  • EUR 3600 (2 semester track)

This covers all costs related to courses. Please note: accommodation, travel and living cost to/in Austria are not included in this tuition fee.

Entry Requirements

  • A-Level / High School Diploma or equivalent
    (If the Austrian Higher Education Entrance Qualification is not yet met, the required level can be acquired within the International Foundation Programme. In general, A-level is required, but in some cases excellent performance in AS-level and GCSE-level courses might qualify as well)
  • good English language skills
    (will be checked during interview; no IELTS/TOEFL required)


  • Please apply online
  • Application deadlines:

    • Nov 30 (for the 1-semester track starting in February) and
    • April 30 (for the 2-semester track starting in September)

  • Required documents:

    • School-leaving Certificate *
    • Birth Certificate * and photocopy of your passport
    • Motivation Letter
    • CV
    • optional: English/German Language Certificates

    * Foreign documents have to show the necessary legislation and must be translated to German or English. Find all legalisation instructions here.

  • Application procedure:

    • online application
    • formal check of prerequisites
    • compulsory skype interview


Head of Studies: Dr. Stefan Sunzenauer
Administrative Assistant: Elisabeth Ebetsberger, BA
International Foundation Programme
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Stelzhamerstr. 23
4600 Wels, AUSTRIA
Phone: +43 5 0804-43134
E-Mail: ifp@fh-ooe.at