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Wels City

There are many things we could tell you about Wels, such as its central location, the great infrastructure, the good job opportunities in Upper Austria and the economic strength of the region. Wels has a notable size (for Austria ;)) which means that you’ll find everything you need here, without the city being too big and overwhelming.

Also the city of Wels offers plenty of similar options. No matter if you want to celebrate, have fun or just sit together comfortably. You certainly don't have to stay thirsty or bored in Wels, because there are countless bars and cafés that invite you to visit. 

Wels is a green city, around every corner you will find a park and beautiful paths that invite you to bike, run or walk. In summer there are various opportunities to cool down: whether you prefer to jump into the fresh Traun river or into one of the pools in the Wels swimming pool is up to you. If you want nature, you don't have to flee to the countryside.

Not to forget the central location of the city of Wels in Upper Austria. In less than an hour you can relax and swim in lakes, ski or hike in the mountains and visit Salzburg or Linz. By public transportation as well as by car you can reach the hotspots of Upper Austria in no time. Especially the "professional skier/snowboarder", who slumbers in some of us, enjoys the nearby mountains in winter.

The city of Wels convinces us every day with its lived diversity, its history and the ability to combine this with young and modern ideas. Let us convince you too!

You can find more information about Wels here.