iCT2024 Green Event

iCT goes green

ICT goes green

The iCT Conference will be carried out according to the Guideline of the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Meetings and Green Events. In this context we try to save resources, avoid waste, and act in an environmentally conscious way in all fields. We therefore ask our exhibitors to also contribute and take note of the following indications.

Information about travelling to the destination:

  • Please make use of the good connection to public means of transport. Find closer information on our website under Travel Information.
  • Local connections by public means of transport: https://www.oebb.at/en.l Use Scotty to find departure times and ticketprices.
  • CO2 compensation of travelling to the destination by car: co2.myclimate.org

Information about the accommodation:

  • We would be pleased if you spent the night at an eco-certified enterprise.
  • We reserved a contingent of eco-certified hotels with special prices for our sponsors and participants all in walking distance from the conference venue.

Information on waste avoidance and waste separation:
You are obliged to comply with the waste management concept provided for for this event. Please try to avoid as much of the waste as possible right from the beginning:

  • Reduce the volume of the material to be transported and to be stored as far as possible.
  • Refrain from mass distribution of flyers or other printed matter, hand out printed matter only upon request, or give preference to electronic information transfer (e.g. indication of links for download etc.).
  • Use 100% recycling paper or at least paper bleached completely without the use of chlorine (TFC) for the required printed matter, or commission a certified printing company with the printing job according to the Guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel.
  • Reuse the remaining brochures at other events.
  • For the purposes of resource saving and waste avoidance you are kindly requested to refrain from giveaways (except for product samples). If this should not be possible, use durable and/or reusable products made of environmentally sound materials (domestic wood, natural fibres) without synthetic individual packaging, without batteries, from fair trade, or with certified quality seals.
  • Give preference to cloth and paper bags vis-à-vis plastic bags.
  • Return your badges/name tags at the registration desk after the event.

Please dispose wastes which are nevertheless generated according to the following requirements:

  • Small dividing waste busket islands with our colour system for waste separation can be found on the whole premises of the event: Residual waste, cardboard/paper, packages (foil, plastics, tetra pack), glass, metal, organic waste (see respective figure)
  • Please inform immediately about glass breakage, spilled products at the registration desk.

Information about energy:

  • Turn off electricity during the assembly of the booth and during night; do not leave the standby function of appliances on during the night.
  • Don’t use any “open front” cooling devices

Green event coordinator

DI Barbara Eigruber MBA
Phone: +43 50804-54109
E-Mail: congress@fh-ooe.at