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LEISTRITZ ZSE 27 MAXX dual-screw compounder

The compounder is used for incorporating various fillers and additives into plastics as well as for producing blends. Both semicrystalline and amorphous thermoplastics can be processed. Up to three different components can be fed and compounded using dosing scales. The temperature in the individual cylinder zones is kept constant with heating cartridges and cooling bores. The two helically rotating screws have a diameter of 28.3 mm and are modular. Fillers or reinforcing materials can be incorporated into the plastified polymer through a side feeder. The nozzle forms strands from the melt, which are led through a water bath for cooling. Strand granulation produces granules for further processing. Throughputs up to a maximum of 100 kg/h are possible.

Technical Data

  • Screw geometry: Ø 28.3 mm with L/D = 40
  • OD/ID: 1.66
  • Axial distance between screws: 23 mm
  • 11 heating zones
  • 9 cooling zones
  • Max. screw speed: 600 rpm
  • Max. melting temperature: 350°C