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FRIMO lab sized thermoforming facility

The Frimo single-station thermoforming system is used for forming thermoplastic materials. A semi-finished product (film/sheet) is fixed with a clamping frame and heated up to the forming temperature on one or both sides with infrared radiation. The power of the used quartz heaters (24 individual heaters in the upper heating bank, 8 in the lower heating bank) can be induvidually altered, to achieve a homogenous heating of the semi-finished part prior to forming. The performance of the individual emitters can be changed at will so that the temperature profile of the semi-finished product can be adapted to the forming requirements. The forming process is triggered either by a pyrometer or by a timer.
The semi-finished product can be pre-blown with compressed air in order to ensure uniform wall thickness in the mould. The contact of the heated and, if necessary, pre-stretched semi-finished part to the mould is ensured by the application of a vacuum. Both positive and negative tools can be used.
Various tools are available; special tools can be designed and manufactured externally
upon request. Tools belonging to partners and clients can be used by arrangement.



  • Positive or negative forming of thermoplastic polymer semi-finished products
  • Pneumatic pre-stretching via the blow box
  • Vacuum-assisted forming
  • Adjustable clamping frame (clamping frame inserts available)
  • Maximum semi-finished product size: 450 mm by 540 mm
  • Infrared heater (quartz)