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COLLIN E20Mx25 L/D - single screw extruder

The single-screw extruder is used for processing plastic bulk material. Amorphous and semi-crystalline thermoplastics can be processed. The material is fed via a hopper to a screw which rotates in the barrel. The screw takes up the material, compresses it, plastifies it and ensures a sufficiently homogeneous kneading. Heating jacket along the barrel both dissipate and add heat to the raw material during the plasticisation process. At the end of the barrel a corresponding tool gives the plastic melt the desired shape. The laboratory extruder has a temperature and pressure sensor system on the barrel wall in order to characterise the material behaviour during the extrusion process. Various screw modifications and different tools are available.

 Technical Data

  • Screw geometry: three-zone screw Ø20 mm with length to diameter ratio of 25
  • Flight depth ratio: 3.64
  • Screw modifications: nitrided, TiN coated, CrN coated, TiAlN coated
  • 150 mm wide slit-die
  • 50 mm wide slit-die with adjustable gap height (0.05–2 mm)
  • Rheological slit-die nozzle with two pressure and temperature sensors each (nozzle lips (L/H in mm): 5/0.25, 10/0.25, 5/0.35, 10/0.35)
  • Three pressure transducers in the barrel
  • Three thermocouples in the barrel (melt temperature)