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LEICA DCM 3D - confocal microscope

The confocal microscope is used for highly accurate, non-contact, three-dimensional measurements of surfaces. The structure is similar to an optical microscope. The shallow depth of field and an aperture are used to measure surfaces three-dimensionally. In contrast to the contact profile method, an entire surface is measured, allowing significantly more accurate analyses. A vertical resolution of less than 3 nanometers can be achieved. For highly polished surfaces there is also the possibility of interferometric measurement whereby a vertical resolution of less than 0.1 nanometer can be achieved. A motorised table can also be used to measure larger areas. Bright, glossy and non-transparent surfaces are ideal for measurement. In case of problems the surface can be coated with gold. A range of software is available for data processing depending on the application. The software programme Leica Map can perform surface characterisation and analysis in compliance with metrology standards and methods. Further analyses are possible with custom programmes.

Technical data

  • Optical / non-contact 3D surface measurement
  • Optical resolution (x/y) up to 0.15 μm possible
  • Vertical resolution in confocal mode <3 nm
  • Vertical resolution possible in interference mode <0.1 nm
  • Maximum sample weight 10 kg
  • Maximum sample height approx. 150 mm