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field emission scanning electron microscope TESCAN MIRA3 LHM FE-SEM with Oxford AZtecEnergy XT EDX

The Tescan MIRA 3 LMH is a high-performance field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) with a Schottky FE cathode system. The FE-SEM differs from a conventional tungsten cathode scanning electron microscope in its abiliity to image very small surface structures of <1.2nm with a high depth of field. The wide range of applications extends from the visualisation of the smallest surface structures of coatings, foils, fractures, etc. to material analysis. Two detectors are available for analysis. For energy-dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX analysis), X-rays released during the interaction between electrons and the sample are detected. The element-specific bands are used for element analysis. Detection can be carried out by means of point analysis or surface analysis (elemental distribution images). With the backscattering detector (BSE detector) it is possible to display the material contrast in grayscale.

Technical Data

  • Schottky FE cathode system 0.2 to 30kV
  • Resolution 1nm at 30kV
  • 5-axis eucentric, fully motorised sample table with x: 80mm, y: 60mm, z: 47mm, R = 360°, tilting angle +/- 80°
  • Maximum sample height 81mm
  • EDX system OXFORD AZtecEnergy XT with a 10mm² detector window
  • BSE-YAG detector