Library access outside office hours (ZAB)

Since the winter semester 2022/2023 Campus Wels students have the opportunity to register for library access outside office hours (ZAB).

What is ZAB and how long is it valid?

The student ID cards of Campus Wels students who register for ZAB will be activated to grant access to the library. This means you can use the library longer – during the evenings and also on Saturday during the buildings opening hours.

Student ID cards are activated  until July 15, 2023.

Registration / Conditions

As of now, preferably Campus Wels students from the 3rd semester onwards can register.

The registration form must be filled in, signed, and submitted to the library.

Ways to submit:

  • Bring it to the library personally
  • Use the return box in front of the library
  • Send it via e-mail (scan of filled in and signed form or digitally signed)

Additional information

Access hours:
Monday – Friday: 07:00 – 22:30
Saturday: 07:00 – 18:00

Emergency numbers:
Technik: +43 664/608403959
Property protection: +43 676/87133806
Emergency number: 112

Usually, the library door should open automatically when leaving the library. If it does not, there is an exit button on the left side above the door (small red button).

Self-Check terminal

You can change the language by tapping the button (with the flags on it) in the lower right corner.

Check out: First tap the button “Check out” and then insert your student ID Card. Put the items on the terminal. They are now on your account. To end the process tap the button „Done“.
ATTENTION: You are NOT ALLOWED to borrow the following: books with a red classmarks, journals and standards.

Check in: To return items you only have to tap the button „Check in“ and put the books on the terminal. No ID card needed. After returning them tap the button “Done” and put the items on the book cart.
ATTENTION: Items that are reserved for other users cannot be returned at the terminal. The terminal will show the error “The item is reserved”. Please return the items via our return box (one of the lockers on the right side of the library entrance)

Renewing: To renew items at the terminal, first tap „Account“ and then insert your ID card. You can either renew all items or a selection by tapping the corresponding button on the bottom of the display (“Renew selection” or “Renew all”). To end the process tap “Done”.
ATTENTION: Items that are overdue or that have already been renewed four times cannot be renewed. In that case, please send an email to and request another renewal. Reserved items cannot be renewed.