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Library usage rules

The Scientific library at Wels Campus supports research, teaching and studying at all study programs. The library is generally available and secures all users unrestricted access to literature and information. For research, account access, pre-orders and renews is a WEB-OPAC available.

Library Use

All students, professors, administrative staff and research staff have full access to the library.
Students are advised to attend the provided information event at the beginning of the semester.
Alumni of the University of Upper Austria may use the library after their studies are finished.
In addition to members of the University, all persons who want to make use of the library are welcome to register. The charge for a library card is € 5.
Starting with the registration, all readers accept the current house and library rules.
All members of the university (students and staff) need a library clearance to be able to end their studies!


All students and staff of the university automatically have a library account and borrowing is free of charge.
Borrowing/returning of media is possible through the self service desk or through the library staff.
All media except the presence inventory can be borrowed. (Presence inventory has a red sticker on the spine of the book.)
The borrower has the full responsibility for the borrowed media.

Inter Library Loan

Media which are not avaiable at the Wels Campus library can be borrowed through inter-library loan from libraries in Austria or abroad. ATTENTION: It is not possible to order E-Books and E-Papers as an inter library loan!
Order sheet for interlibrary loan.

Lending Periods

The usual lending period for students is 4 weeks for all media (except magazines). Professors/administrative staff have longer lending periods, but students are permitted to contact the borrower for copying chapters.
The lending period can be prolonged for 4 weeks 4 times if the book isn’t reserved for another library user.


The use of the library is free of charge.

Late fee:

Exceeding the loan period, the following fees will be charged:

  • 0,10 € per medium/day
  • 5,00 € per ILL/day

Delivery fee:

ATTENTION: From 01.01.2018 new order tariffs apply:

  • Journal articles:                    2,00 €/article
  • Inter library loan (inland):     6,00 €/medium
  • Inter library loan (outland):   20,00 €/medium

Other terms

The house rules are also to be followed in the library.
Longer conversations, eating, drinking, smoking, listening to music and using mobile phones is prohibited. Mobile telephones must be set to ‘silent’ mode in the library.
The use of equipment likely to disturb or distract other readers or to damage Library materials is prohibited.
It is not allowed to mark the library inventory with any kind of pen/marker/pencil or to “dog-ear” pages of books.
When copying library inventory, the reader is subject to the copyright. Instructions by the library staff have to be obeyed.