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E-Book accesses

All E-books purchased by the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria are searchable in the online catalogue.

Terms of Use

Personal login details must under no circumstances be passed on to third parties.

The electronic media licensed by the library are generally subject to copyright regulations. In addition the following terms of use apply:

Only members of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria are permitted to access full texts.
The full texts may only be printed or saved for personal use, or for teaching and research purposes. Subsequent use for commercial purposes is prohibited.
The systematic downloading of articles or search results, especially using web robots, is prohibited. Failure to observe these rules  may result in access to the publisher's server being blocked for the entire campus.
Full texts may not be passed on to third parties in either electronic or printed form.
Authors' names and copyright information may not be altered or deleted.
Specific terms of use applicable to individual providers can be found on the appropriate publisher's website.

Beltz E-books

(Note: The content language is German!)

Folgende E-book Pakete aus dem Beltz Verlag wurden angekauft:

  • Erziehungswissenschaften 2015
  • Pädagogik 2015
  • Psychologie 2015
  • Soziale Arbeit 2015
  • Soziologie 2015

Die E-Books sind über das Portal von Content Select an den Standorten der FH Oberösterreich verfügbar, einen Bestandsnachweis und die Verlinkung zum E-Book finden Sie auch in unserem Onlinekatalog.

Hanser E-books

Hanser eLibrary is a specific offer for universities, institutions and companies.
Individual E-books of Hanser press, which are licensed by the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, can also be downloaded from home.

Springer E-books

Following E-book packages are licensed by the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria:

  • Business and Economics : english
  • Energy : english
  • Engineering : english
  • Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften : german
  • Naturwissenschaften : german
  • Professional and Applied Computing : english
  • Technik und Informatik : german
  • Wirtschaftswissenschaften :  german

Wiley E-Books

The libraries of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria license e-books published by Wiley Verlag in the following fields:

  • Computers and Computer Science
  • Finance, Economy, Law
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Natural sciences

The e-books can also be searched using our online catalogue!