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From January 25, 2021 until February 21, 2021 FH OÖ students and staff have access to the JoVE-Library: More than 12.000 Videos, which present concepts and research techniques in the natural sciences, engineering and medicine.

Our trial access includes:

JoVE Research: Enables researchers so see scientific methods in action and brings to life complex details of the latest research findings as well as standard protocols. JoVe Research is included in: JoVE Journal* and JoVE Encyclopedia of Experiments*.

JoVE Education: Uses effective animations and presentations of experiments in laboratories to explain key concepts and laboratory methods. Most videos include translations and subtitles in over 10 languages. JoVE Education is included in: JoVE Science Education*, JoVE Core*, and JoVE Lab Manual*. 

* available via Remote Access via the links on this page!


From 01.02.2021 until 01.03.2021 FH OÖ students and staff get unlimited access to the world’s best newspapers and magazines (remote access available!)
Via PRESSREADER you have access to more than 7,000 of the world’s top newspapers and magazines from different sectors as soon as they’re available on shelves.

For example:
The Guardian
Bloomberg Businessweek
Los Angeles Times

Der Tagesspiegel
China Daily
La Razon

and many more!

To get access to PRESSREADER you have to log in with your FH OÖ log-in information, you are linked directly to the sign-in page via the provided links.

Using Pressreader is limited to the browser version.

Happy reading!