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Current information

Opening hours

Currently (June & July) access to the library is only possible by arranging an APPOINTMENT via e-mail (bibliothek@fh-wels.at).
Appointments are assigned in the following periods:
Mon - Fri 07.45 - 11.30
                  12.30 - 16.00

Please, research needed literature in advance to keep your visit to the library as short as possible.
The reading area and our media room are currently closed!
The library will be fully accessable starting September 1, 2021. In August the library will be closed.

Safety measures

  • Please disinfect your hands before entering the library
  • Please keep at least 1 meter distance
  • Please put used/returned books on the book trolley

Pick-up station

Students can still send their book order to bibliothek@fh-wels.at and pick up the books at the pick-up station on the ground floor of building A (between HS 007 and HS 008) during building opening hours. Here are instructions for the pickup station.

Following information must be included in your e-mail: author, title, ISBN, year, classmark (e.g. 660-HEMM-Ver)

Return box

Media can also be returned outside library opening hours. Please use our return box for this, which is located on the right side of the entrance of the library.

Binding master theses for international students

International students, who are not currently residing in Austria and are working on their master thesis can use the services of Buchbinderei Kölbl.

Please send your thesis as a PDF file to office@buchbinderei-koelbl.at. You will receive a receipt via e-mail, which will include a delivery fee of 7€.

Make sure to include the following details in your e-mail to the bookbinder: colour of the book cover (dark blue or black) and colour of the embossing (gold or silver).

The bookbinder will deliver the finished theses to the faculty.

Library search engine

Our online resources (~40.000 eBooks and ~17.000 eJournals) are still available for university affiliated persons.
You can search and download our online resources using the search field „Katalog Plus“ in our online catalogue.
Most of our databases have remote access.

You can find more information about it on our databases site.


University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Wels Campus
Stelzhamerstraße 23
4600 Wels

+43 5 0804 43150

The library is located on the third floor.

Library team

Julijana Wieser BA

Office:     Head of Library
Phone:    +43 5 0804 43152
Email:      julijana.wieser@fh-wels.at

Elisabeth Guadalupe Lechner

Office:     Archive-, Library- and Information assistant
Phone:    +43 5 0804 43150
Email:     elisabeth.lechner@fh-wels.at

Marta Marcinkovic

Office:     Trainee
Phone:    +43 5 0804 43151
Email:     marta.marcinkovic@fh-wels.at