Why Study With Us?

Sustainability is the key driver of our future development, especially when it comes to energy utilization and consumption. As natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce or more expensive, the sustainable use of energy is becoming more and more important.

The Master of Sustainable Energy Systems programme combines education in energy systems with regard to sustainable energy resources (solar, wind), hydrogen and battery technology and applications, emobility, energy efficiency, the decarbonization of the traditional energy system as well as the management of international energy-related projects. Special emphasis is placed on learning and working in multicultural teams.

As such, the programme provides students with both a technical and practical approach that is needed when dealing with a variety of different issues. For example, you would have the appropriate skills in order to communicate with a process engineer at the steel manufacturing plant or solar facility, and would be able to accurately provide an energy-efficient (saving) solution.  


Good to know

Solar energy is the largest energy resource in the world, even larger than fossil resources. The use of wind energy has a very low environmental impact.  Utilizing energy efficiency potential is the most effective way to save energy, protect the environment and become independent from other countries.

Hydrogen, a versatile pioneer that impresses with its emission-free energy that can be used in various applications. Its talent for storing surplus energy makes it a silent protector of sustainable power grids and potential gamechanger for  emobility.

Batteries, the silent innovators, enable eco-friendly electric mobility and efficient energy storage. They are the key players on the road to clean energy and sustainable transportation.


"Renewable energy systems" and “Hydrogen and Battery systems”

Students specialize individually in the two elective subject groups “Renewable energy systems” and “Hydrogen and Battery systems” in the 2nd and 3rd semester of their studies.

Career prospects include the management and technical implementation of energy infrastructure projects, e.g. large-scale PV or wind power plants, energy efficiency measures, smart grids and grid connection of renewable energies as well as energy storage systems.

Possible career opportunities include: Engineer for the design, construction, maintenance and retrofit of energy systems, technical consultant, expert for project financing and management, technical adviser for banks and insurance companies.


Study focus

  • Interdisciplinary, technical program with a focus on sustainable energy resources
  • Energy storage , energy distribution, energy efficiency, as well as energy markets and management 
  • Hydrogen and battery technology and application
  • Business administration and intercultural management 
  • International project management and development 
  • International study groups 
  • English as the language of tuition


Practice-oriented Degree Programme

As a University of Applied Sciences, we cooperate closely with the local industry and companies within the region, as well as with various international ones.

These connections enable you, the student, to develop highly requested skills, as you will gain practical, hands-on experience which eventually increases your level of employability. Further interdisciplinary and applied research projects will allow you to strengthen relationships with the local industry and international companies throughout your studies.


Target Group

This programme is aimed at graduates who have a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent of at least 180 ECTS) in Engineering or another technical field of study.

The annual intake is 43 students per year (for academic year 2024/2025). Students are selected based on a written application and personal interview(s). Due to the international scope of the programme, we aim at providing students with a culturally diverse learning environment, bringing together local Austrian students and students from around the world.


School of Engineering and Environmental Sciences

The Master of Sustainable Energy Systems is offered at the Wels Campus, in the School of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, which is part of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

Wels is a historic city with a strong industry and offers great job opportunities. Wels is located in the beautiful region of Upper Austria. Please follow the links for further information about Wels and Upper Austria.


First Start in Fall of 2014

The very first semester began in fall 2014 with a warm welcome to the first class of SES students, from over fifteen different countries, truly making this an international programme.

Check out our website for more information all around the programme.

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