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Manish Abraham, India

(Specialization Development Process Engineering)

Studying at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, was a great experience of lifetime. I did my MSC in Engineering in Innovation and Product Management with specialization in development process engineering. Addition to the core course I could attend additional modules during free time, I attended a few of them related to Product Concept Design, Biomimicry and others. Innovation is an integration of technology, marketing, design  & strategic thinking this course gives you a bit of everything, so you actually know a bit of all different part of a business, which makes you very flexible in choosing your career path ahead, and also gives you an idea of managing different stakeholders. It provided different options and very thought-provoking variety of subjects.

The International office is very supportive and gave me the right advice even before reaching Austria. The course was a multicultural course with students from more than 10 different countries, and university had students from many more countries, hence I got to learn a lot about different cultures, and in a fast changing globalized world this is a key skill which is difficult to learn by just reading about it.

There are a lot of guest lectures from professionals from the industries, which gave a clear practical insight into how innovation and products are managed from not just a pure theoretical perspective, but also from a real time application perspective. Addition to the practical insight this also opens up your contact point into companies, in my personal case I was able to positively leverage this initial contact into a summer internship at MAN Truck and Bus in Germany during the summer vacations after the second semester. Some skills developed during my time in Austria are still very useful for me in my current work in Netherlands. In the courses we worked a lot in teams, addition to exams we have to hand-in assignments, write papers and give presentations. 



Maria Fernanda Herrera Cañenguez, El Salvador

(Specialization Development Process Engineering)

I have chosen to study the IPM Master Degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria because of the practical purposes each course of the Master have, and the opportunity of applying what you learn through projects, field trips to companies, and internships. Studying abroad has been one of my personal and professional goals, because you gain new perspectives of people, businesses and industries. Being innovation among the core competencies and competitive advantages of leading companies, I find that there will always be a demand for innovation on products and services, the latter makes this master very valuable for my career. I have found in FH Upper Austria a great environment for studying and I highly recommend it!



Abdalla Farag

Abdalla Farag, Egypt

(Specialization Product Concept Design)

The support for international students starting from the application process until the end of the studies is outstanding. Considering to do my graduate studies in Austria was the right decision to make!