Turn ideas into products

Innovation and product managers work at the interfaces between marketing, design and technology. Through our interdisciplinary training in all three disciplines we provide our students with methods and tools to initiate and manage strategically interesting product, service and process innovations. Furthermore, you learn how to successfully market these innovations in international markets, including market research, pricing policy, distribution, communication and branding. Our core study program is also supported by on- and off-site training in social skills such as leadership, intercultural communication, negotiation, and teamwork.


Product Concept Design: Design-centered factors represent in many cases key potential for differentiation and efficiency of mechatronic products. As a future product concept designer, you learn to consider goal-orientated and resource-friendly ergonomic, functional and aesthetic aspects in the idea and concept phase.

Development Process Engineering: This specialization module deals with optimization of integrated development processes of mechatronic products. You are taught how to design and implement a system for information, planning and monitoring of development in support of the R&D department.

Agile Coach certification

In addition to the core study program, you can get certified as an Agile Coach by the renowned TÜV Austria. Agile coach helps companies to become more adaptable and responsive to change. Agile Coaches have a holistic understanding of organizational forms, methods and frameworks of agile cultures and mindsets and apply them in practice professionally.