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Product Concept Design


Design has long been an indispensable part of successful innovations. There is no way around good design as companies increasingly need to differentiate their products from competitive offerings in order to be successful in long term. Especially from the perspective of the sales success design has become an indispensable instrument of action for a successful company. However, the potential of design for sustainable innovation is far from being exhausted.

The approach of Product Concept Design is not to put the mass-designed, market-ready product into the foreground, but to focus on the compelling strategic and conceptual approach and the advanced product concept. Only by this essential contributions to the development and implementation of sustainable innovation strategies in companies can be achieved. Against the background of fundamentally changing global environment for design, production and consumption of industrial manufactured products here the focus clearly concentrates on the design of sustainable product and system concepts and "human technology".

The aim of the specialization Product Concept Design is the impetus for creative entrepreneurs with in-depth knowledge of design and its potential for sustainable and future-oriented innovations. Universalists, who understand the relationships and are able to give creative impetus for a sustainable future.

Programme Content

Product Concept Design is a two-semester specialization of the total four-semester master's degree program Innovation and Product Management, which is taught in semesters two and three.

Related courses are:

  • Design Projects I & II
  • Short-Term Design Project
  • CAID (Computer Aided Industrial Design)
  • Strategic Design
  • Drawing Techniques
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Materials & Design
  • Design & Prototyping
  • Design Theory
  • Sculptural Design
  • Future Studies and Technological Impact Assessment

In addition to these priorities of the specialization Product Concept Design, courses in the areas of Innovation Management, Product Management, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Bionics, etc. complete the curriculum. You conclude your studies with a theoretical and/or practical thesis for the MSc.

Range of Tasks

As Product Concept Designer you will develop innovative products and design concepts and will be responsible for the integration of all design-relevant factors in the development and innovation process of mechatronic products. You bring creative and goal-oriented functionality, aesthetics and sustainability in the ideas and concept phase of an innovative product development project. Required for this are interface skills both on the technical development areas, as well as in innovation and product management. As a product concept designer you release a pulse for a sustainable future and know about the importance of design decisions for successful innovation.

As an important part of the innovation team, you may fulfill a wide range of tasks in companies as: 

  • The management of all design activities in the company and the hard work at the interface between product development and corporate strategy.
  • The definition and representation of understandable and tangible (product)alternatives and concepts as a template and assistance for strategic business decisions.
  • The permanent improvement of the creative potential of staff levels and within the organization.
  • The constant awareness of sustainable innovation through comprehensive internal and external communication of future-oriented (product)concepts and thus sustaining the notion of innovation in the enterprise and its environment.
  • The promotion of innovation of the company and the visualization of its potential for innovation to all stakeholders (e.g., also in regard to investors, the impact of investment decisions or potential partners).

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