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Development Process Engineering

Development Process Engineering (DPE) is to be understood as a sub-system of R&D management, which coordinates planning, managing and controlling through the supply of all necessary information. Graduates of this specialization examine existing processes in order to optimize the NPD process as well as supporting processes and thus ensure shorter time-to-market.


  • System shaping task: development, implementation, monitoring and adaptation of planning and control system and the information system of R&D.
  • Process supporting tasks: measures for supply of information and coordination of R&D.

Job profile

  • Design of efficient, integrated processes
  • Provision of information, methods and models for planning and control (technical information, product information, market and customer information, cost, ...)
  • Maintenance of planning and control activities
  • Assistance and advice on planning and control
  • Coordination of planning activities and plans
  • Monitoring the planning and control processes.


  • Competence in the conceptual design of mechatronic solutions
    • Feasibility studies
    • Creation and maintenance of specification lists, specifications and tolerances
    • Planning and monitoring of external design and analysis tasks
    • Analysis of existing approaches and development of future-oriented solutions.
  • Competence in the coordination of development activities, as well as suppliers, development partners and customers
    • Tracking of project performance measures such as resources, cost, schedule, quality and technology
    • Presentation of the results as part of project development and design reviews.