Development Process Engineering

Development Process Engineering (DPE) is a sub-system of R&D management, which coordinates planning, managing and controlling the necessary information in an R&D process. Graduates of this specialization can examine, optimize and implement new product development processes in order to ensure shorter time-to-market. A special focus is put on designing the right information system for R&D.

Programme content

In addition to various courses in innovation management, marketing and product management, new business development and sustainability, this specialization includes such courses as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Product Lifecycle Management, Model Based Engineering, Multi-Project Management, Simultaneous Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Digital Factory and R&D Controlling.


As Development Process Engineer you will coordinate new product development activities with suppliers, development partners and customers. You may fulfill a wide range of tasks in companies as:

  • Design and implementation of efficient, integrated development process with optimal information flow between all involved parties.
  • Tracking of project performance measures such as resources, cost, schedule, quality and technology.
  • Presentation of the results as part of project development and design reviews.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Creation and maintenance of specification lists, specifications and tolerances.
  • Planning and monitoring of external design and analysis tasks.
  • Analysis of existing approaches and development of future-oriented solutions.